Helping everyone to make their Social Media social again.

This is our mission. So whether you use the Arwen product or not, we’re creating a series of resources to help you take back control of your voice on social media.

Case Studies

 Arwen means that hateful and toxic comments never see the light of the day, which is really reassuring for me, the team and our followers....
Since taking on Arwen I feel much more reassured that I can be my authentic self on social media, and that my community can engage with me in a safe environment. We don’t live in fear that a comment might trigger a tidal wave of abuse....
Arwen’s Data Science team analysed the content from those initial matches, and worked with Saints’ Social Media team to adjust their filter settings ...


Stay SHARP - Your guide to the 5 FREE things you can do TODAY to protect yourself from online hate and abuse

What you’ll learn from this 18-page booklet:


Max out the networks’ 19 protection settings


Know where to get help when hate strikes


Understand how hate triggers weird reactions


Know your rights and respond safely & effectively

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Access tools to put you back in control