Arwen successfully detoxifies Mercedes AMG F1 social media channels

Published byJoel Bailey

In the first 6 months of Arwen’s work with Mercedes AMG Formula 1 team, Arwen’s AI-enabled content moderation platform has:

  1. Removed 92% of Spam and Bots in sub-second time. As a result, Mercedes’ protected their diverse demographic from exposure to explicit pornbots or risky cryptobots.
  2. Brought 29.4% of passive followers back into active engagement. By hiding toxic comments, Arwen made the community feel safe for all users to participate, post and contribute.
  3. Reduced the rate of overall toxic comments posted across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by between 62% and 76%. Demonstrating that automatically hiding toxic comments before they’re seen, de-normalises toxic behaviours in the wider community.
  4. Saved the Social Media Team 221 days of work, which would have been wasted on finding and removing this content. Not to mention the mental health benefits of shielding team members from over-exposure to the worst of the toxic comments.
  5. Increased the Return on Advertising Spend by an estimated 34%. Cleaner socials mean higher volumes of better quality engagement in sponsored and promoted content.

The partnership continues to support Mercedes commitment to creating and nurturing a diverse and inclusive online community.

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