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Simplifies reporting obligations

Some toxic content actually breaks the law, leaving you with an obligation to report it to the authorities. Arwen simplifies the process of keeping records and sharing evidence.

Identifies repeat offenders

Often a large percentage of the toxic content comes from a few individuals. Arwen tells you who they are and guides you to the right action to take.

Moderates automatically

The job of reviewing and removing toxic content is hard work, draining and time consuming. Arwen does all the hard work for you by hiding, deleting or muting content automatically, in under a second.

Stops the pile ons

One single toxic message can quickly lead to a group ‘pile on’ where the problem mushrooms into something major. By removing them in under a second, Arwen stops the pile ons before they start.

Covers all types of hate

Our unique combination of data models protects you from 24 different types of hate, ranging from physical appearance, political views, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity and age.

Protects your community

4 in 10 people witness hate online each year, across demographics, and online abuse has grown by 20% since 2020. Arwen protects your followers from having to see it.

Arwen is protecting 100m+ users from hate, toxicity, bots and unwanted content, every second of every day

Arwen means that hateful and toxic comments never see the light of the day, which is really reassuring for me, the team and our followers.
Louise Bruce-Tresnan
Digital Content & Creative Lead at Comic Relief
We had a real problem with toxic content and spam, which was unfairly excluding people from our social media conversations. We're committed to being a diverse and inclusive organisation. Arwen has helped us live up to this promise by removing spam and toxicity from our social channels.
Bradley Lord
Strategic Communications Director, Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team
Rosie Jones Instagram post (1)
I couldn't recommend Arwen more. Their work makes my social media a much better, healthier place to interact. I'm a big fan.
Rosie Jones
Comedian and Actor
Arwen looks after all the unwanted content, so we can focus on fostering positive engagement with our audience.
Tim Percival
Northampton Saints, Director of Marketing & Communications

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