Northampton Saints use Arwen to protect players and wider community on social media

Northampton Saints are one of the UK’s leading Premiership Rugby teams with a large and committed supporter base. Over time the Club has grown a significant following on social media, which has helped them reach and engage new audiences.

“We’re proud of the diversity of our team at Northampton Saints, which is reflected in our supporter base,” said Tim Percival, Director of Marketing and Communications.

“But unfortunately, like many organisations, we get a small proportion of people who occasionally post unpleasant comments. We were looking for a solution to help tackle this effectively. When I was introduced to Arwen, I was struck by its simplicity.”

Saints were referred to Arwen via another customer, who recommended our Enterprise solution. The Premiership Club was able to authorise Arwen on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles in minutes, meaning they were covered for some important fixtures. Arwen’s Data Science team analysed the content from those initial matches, and worked with Saints’ Social Media team to adjust their filter settings.


  • Northampton Saints are a UK rugby team who play in the Gallagher Premiership
  • They have a diverse team and are committed to supporting diversity and inclusion in everything they do
  • They are present across social media, with a growing and active supporter base


  • Protect the community and players from the impact exposure to toxic content has on their mental health
  • Maintain open and positive social media profiles that are welcoming to an increasingly diverse and family-oriented supporter base


  • Run Arwen for two matches to analyse content from across social media
  • Refine and personalise Arwen’s filter settings to reflect the Club’s values
  • Activate Autohide, so that Arwen runs in the background


  • Reassurance across the organisation that Arwen will prevent ‘pile ons’ and flare ups that could create reputational damage.
  • Able to take follow-up action to tackle persistent and repeat problem users

"Arwen looks after all the unwanted content, so we can focus on fostering positive engagement with our audience."

Tim Percival, Director of Marketing and Communications

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