Reduce time spent managing unwanted content by 75%

Dedicated to making Social Media social again

Is compliance-ready

Global and national online safety regulations are changing fast. Arwen provides you with a clear route to compliance.

Always improving

Haters don’t like being silenced so continually change their strategy. We monitor and continually update Arwen so you’re always protected.

Always on

49% of social comments are made outside of office hours. If you’re global, comments happen across timezones. Arwen makes sure you’re covered 24/7, 365 days a year.

Makes moderators more efficient

Social media teams are spending too long handling hate. Arwen cuts the time teams spend managing toxicity by 75%.

Protects performance

A single toxic message can disrupt the performance of even the most resilient individual. Arwen protects the performance of your best people.

Safeguards your people

1 in 5 people are victims of online abuse each year. 2 in 5 witness it. Arwen protects your talent and employees from the negative mental health impacts of hate

Increases retail sales

1-in-3 people read social media comments before making a purchase. Arwen creates brand safety, making sure your customers aren’t put off by spam and toxic content.

Improves social engagement

67% of people are more likely to engage with ads and sponsored content in a safe online environment. Arwen creates this for you by removing the hate and toxicity in real time.

Arwen is protecting 75,126,673 people from hate, toxicity, spam and unwanted content, every minute of every day

Arwen means that hateful and toxic comments never see the light of the day, which is really reassuring for me, the team and our followers.
Louise Bruce-Tresnan
Digital Content & Creative Lead at Comic Relief
We had a real problem with toxic content and spam, which was unfairly excluding people from our social media conversations. We're committed to being a diverse and inclusive organisation. Arwen has helped us live up to this promise by removing spam and toxicity from our social channels.
Bradley Lord
Strategic Communications Director, Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team
Rosie Jones Instagram post (1)
I couldn't recommend Arwen more. Their work makes my social media a much better, healthier place to interact. I'm a big fan.
Rosie Jones
Comedian and Actor
Arwen looks after all the unwanted content, so we can focus on fostering positive engagement with our audience.
Tim Percival
Northampton Saints, Director of Marketing & Communications

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