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Published byJoel Bailey

Social media is a valuable tool for many businesses. It allows organisations big and small — from charities to football clubs — to promote products and services to audiences worldwide and foster loyal communities of supporters.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to think about social media without the word ‘hate’ coming to mind.

Toxic and harmful content isn’t just unpleasant for users and audiences to see; due to the inherently public nature of social media, these unwanted messages also damage your brand and drive away customers.

The impact of this toxicity varies between companies and platforms. Still, Arwen’s experience is that up to 40% of your audience disengages due to this unwanted content, with brands with a predominantly female following being disproportionately affected.

So, it’s time for business leaders to take a stand and invest in modern tools to deal with negative comments on social media for good.

Standing up to the haters

Though it may seem easier to bury your head in the sand, in the modern world, acting against trolling and spam should be a business imperative — not an afterthought.

Think of your social media accounts as ambassadors for your organisation — highlight reels showcasing your newest products, latest successes and upcoming events.

Allowing hate speech and spam to take over your accounts tarnishes your virtual brand. It can cause harm to your audience and wastes the time of social media teams forced to trawl through comment sections instead of developing creative marketing strategies and campaigns. Plus, toxic comments will likely deter customers from buying from your brand.

Customer endorsements matter. A staggering 71% of people are more likely to make purchases based on social media referrals, with many turning to the internet to guide their buying decisions. One negative comment could be the difference between gaining and losing a customer.

So, if you want to put your best foot forward in the saturated digital and social media marketing landscape, now’s the time to clean up your comments section. You wouldn’t let your website fall into disrepute; don’t let the same thing happen to your social channels.

Defining community policies

Comment moderation is mandatory for meeting social responsibility targets and optimising returns on social media investments. But before you outline a solution for removing unwanted messages, you first need to clarify your community guidelines.

These policies cover reporting abuse on social media and rules for activity within your accounts, clearly stating what moderators will consider inappropriate or offensive content.

A community policy will help define the environment you wish to create and inform your audience what behaviour is acceptable on your channels. Comment moderation systems responsible for removing toxicity and spam from social media accounts can then use this policy to reflect your brand voice on social media more effectively.

Many businesses like the Mercedes Formula 1 team and Comic Relief already use automated comment moderation tools. These processes may seem daunting at first. You will likely have to exclude some toxic accounts from your community. However, your engagement will skyrocket, and new followers will join as you clean up.

In the long-term, you’ll attract followers interested in your brand for the right reasons and create a safe space for supporters to freely engage without fear of being targeted or witnessing harmful content online — a win-win solution for all!

Staying on top of content moderation can seem impossible for many social media managers. uses artificial intelligence to automate this process, allowing you to focus on what really matters. Test it for yourself — book a demo today!

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