Making social media social again

Arwen curates, benchmarks & blends multiple AI Models to filter every kind of hate speech out of your social media.


Arwen frees your voice from social media abuse.

Fight back against the haters and keep them out of your community.



Arwen is powered by the latest ‘scan-and-mute’ technologies.

Go beyond basic filtering of words, to capture emojis, images and full context.



Arwen manages all your social networks from one place.

No need to maintain an individual lists of key words to filter out on each social network.

Arwen frees your voice from social media abuse

Removing every kind of hate speech from social media conversations.

So every word, image, emoji and !*@? is automatically blocked, flagged or released in real time, based on each individual users’ preferences.

Arwen is for all:

Sports players, VIP's, influencers, social media managers, journalists & brands at large wanting to fight hate speech.

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Reasons people love Arwen

Robert Burgerman, Director

Robert Burgerman, Director

Director Elite-Social

We integrated Arwen into our social media management tool used by our in-house team, sports players, influencers & celebrities.

It removes the 'noise' created by those with ill-intent, so we can manage audience interactions positively without feeling drained from negative comments & mentions. Most importantly, it works for our clients.

Social Media Team Manager

Social Media Team Manager

Premiership Football Club

You guys are seamless.

Arwen is removing exactly the sort of toxic content we want removed



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